A nebulous quality is enjoyed with in Neil’s work, which centers around the idea of capturing all things from the atomic level to the expansion of the universe.

The capturing of one piece of work within another form, or the element of a more natural shape trapped within a more structured presence.

The sense or the chance of capturing his soul, his emotions and thoughts within a piece of work while himself sculpting, and beyond that; the capturing of other peoples essence while his work is being exhibited.

The changes in scientific discovery, our place in the universe and the possibility of other conscious minds, the element of alien is something he wants to touch his creations. His love of film is an ingredient not to far from his thoughts when he is creating a piece of artwork.

He says himself that while sculpting, his work becomes what it is meant to be over the time spent creating it. The concept, the form of his original idea expands to include events both internal and external which begin to shape his original ideas into the finished artwork.

The element of recycling found materials, is part of the creative process held by Neil within his work. A discarded piece of wood, metal or other material can inspire the beginning of a vision for a sculptural form.         

The need for his work to evolve is a large part of his creative process. An echo of himself, his sub-conscious journey absorbed into the artwork, the physical genetic material left in the work and the possibility that all this would allow one to live forever.