“I EXIST ONLY HERE” Neil Cap. 2012

My thoughts here began with the realm of science-fiction; beings or creatures created mostly for a film based medium. I keep ebbing back to H.R.Giger’s design for the original alien in the film of the same name.Why.....? Well I am not completely sure, but I do feel that this creature was the first entity that seemed to echo a reality that was not there before in Sci-fi films. Maybe this was more in part to do with Ridley Scott’s direction; in not showing the creature at length in the film, only small glimpses of what the terror was stalking the crew. I am also torn with the notion that it might also be something to do with me watching the film when I was eleven years old. My parents asleep on the sofa as I flicked from different channels, watching sections of the film, then quickly turning over before I was caught watching it. Nightmares were frequent for weeks after.

“MINDCUBE” series 1 Neil Cap. 2010

When I had finished these pieces, the cube shape remained with no visible crack or opening, this inspired me to leave the work for a while and then return to it open minded as to what each fracture would become. It soon felt more like each fissure or cavity was like a wound emanating from each cube, but are they just physical wounds? One could argue yes, as to the physicality of the work itself, but for me it became more. I began to look at the mental wounds we all carry around, wounds that affect our everyday life, wounds that have shaped us into who we are today, and become our legacy.

My Father served in The Vietnam War;  

He was drafted for the first year.

He chose to serve a second term.

He became a member of Special Forces for his third year.

He took on a mission for his friend; the next day my father was meant to be discharged from active service;

The helicopter he was piloting on the mission got shot down.

He was a prisoner of war for eighteen months.

He escaped and was sheltered by a Vietnamese family.

He’s still in contact with them today.

“MINDFORM” series 1,2 and 3. Neil Cap. 2012

The study of creating abstract forms, elements of figurative shape using imagination. Some ideas are at hand when one begins the work but allowing a flow of just creating, making something appear form a block of material, looking and refining, understanding how shaping each form happens from working the material into something that feels right, working detail with feeling and finding the finished piece.

“MINDMACHINE” series 1. Neil Cap. 2013

The study of found objects, juxtaposed with a crafted wooden form that has the feeling of a mechanism, element or a component part, bringing essence to each sculpture to that of a machine, or apparatus. Maybe we can see a slight feeling of a 1950’s science fiction idea, from each form, or the possibility of a device in a laboratory, a long lost object in a science museum. Though one could argue that “MINDMACHINE” refers to each object, my feeling here is that it becomes more of the human “MINDMACHINE”, the neural, chemical, electrical connections that make up imagination, the process of creating, using one’s imagination to form an art work, something that is unique.  Can we look at imagination as the process of this machine, or is there something else happening? Are we more than the sum of that white, fatty, watery object housed in our heads, or is there more to imagination, is there more to each of us?

“MINDSOUL” Series 1. Neil Cap. 2008

With this work I began by returning to look at some of my previous work, which dealt with captured forms, but this time at a more human level. In essence I am creating the pieces of each individual “MINDSOUL” as part of my being, my emotions, thoughts, the essence of who I’ am and maybe even part my own soul has been absorbed into the work. The possibility of transference of something into the work that goes beyond our understanding, that branches into a more super natural presence. Or does it relay into a more scientific element, could these atoms of each piece of work capture some essence of me, record my working with them, and store a copy of my soul?  

Would this then allow me to live forever, or exist in different parts of the world at any one time?

“RULES AND REGULATIONS” 2013 Neil Cap. “I guess that means I can’t tell you how I feel about you?”

Respect, yes we should always do so. Respecting and understanding of why they are in place does apply, but does this crush our human essence, is our humanity taken away by rules and regulation?

Always holding back from what one really wants, keeping a distance between two souls.

Are we truly trapped within these boundaries?

Can our humanity be set free?

I am only human.

“TOUCH” Series 2. Neil Cap. 2008

A series of nine sculptures (series 2,) following the theme of capturing, in which; as I sculpt, calve and finish the work, part of who I’ am gets transferred into the piece, capturing an essence, emotion and maybe part of my soul. Identical to my “MINDSOUL” pieces.

The difference with this series is that I am allowing further interaction; which this time allows not only the artist to be captured within the work, but also in allowing other people to touch and hold these works, part of who they are is transferred into each piece.

Please feel free to pick up and touch, hold and examine the sculptures. Leave behind something if you wish too, a thought, a memory, maybe a dream; or it could be possible you do not have a choice, by just touching the work you leave behind an essence of who you are anyway?  

“TOUCH” Series 3. Neil Cap. 2013

A series of nine sculptures (series 3,) following the theme of capturing, in which; as I sculpt, calve and finish each sphere it holds onto part of who I’ am that transfers into the piece, capturing an essence, emotion and maybe part of my soul. By placing the sphere onto its base it remains with its captured data.  

This series goes beyond a permanent capture, from my initial work with the piece and capturing me. It looks at the creation of a new captured moment, memory, thought, fear, maybe tapping into a sub-conscience of each person. The work holds onto that moment until the next person touches the sphere, which erases the previous person’s essence and captures the new self.

Please feel free to pick up and touch, hold and examine the spheres, leaving its base intact. Leave behind something if you wish too, a thought, a memory, maybe a dream; but remember you may belong to a sphere only until someone else touches it.

“OLD MAN FEELING” Neil Cap. 2013

In life we a given obstacles to overcome, some deeper than others, some simple and others we have to live with for the rest of our days.

Pain; both physical and imagined pain, both become one and echo each and every day into our lives. The skeletal form, the image we imagine of pain, the desperation of a darkness it brings, a distance, and loneliness within its overwhelming grasp.


I still feel the pain from time to time; I have built on my knowledge and understanding of what I have to do too remain stronger. The battle to strengthen and overcome the life dealt to you, that distance you feel from humanity.

One could hide from this existence, curl into a ball and let pity overwhelm you, and push you into the darkness once more, but then you would never get what you wanted.

You have to fight every day, build on what you have learnt and reach for your rightful place in this world today.

My feeling though is that things happen because they just do; it’s the way you pick up the piece and move on, towards a better place.


We are all looking for something, well I would like to think we are, but most I feel look up and see nothing, and they cannot wonder what’s beyond.

I would like to know the answer to the question, it’s not enough just to keep looking and imagining possibilities of existence.

Why do I live in this time of limited knowledge?

Was I born too soon?

Have I seen things I cannot explain?

Is this why my minds the way it is?


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